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Festivals & Buddhist Holidays.

ThailandPosted by Farang in Thailand Fri, November 04, 2016 05:31:48

Thailand is well known for the many Festivals and Buddhist Holidays through the year. Most of the festivals are celebrated nationwide (i.e. Songkran and Loy Krathong) other festivals are regional or local. All of the events attracts huge crowds of people.

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Sala Kaew Ku the Sculpture Park

Nong Khai CityPosted by Farang in Thailand Thu, September 22, 2016 08:10:22
Sala Kaew Ku ought to be a part of the best Thailand visit.

Statue Park Sala Kaew Ku is a sanctuary complex lodging more than 100 monster solid figures made under Boun Leua Sulilat. He was guided into profound way by a parsimonious recluse named Kaew Ku in his initial life. The recreation center is an outflow of his profound domain brushing impacts of Buddhism, Hindu mythology and animist old stories.

Statue Park Sala Kaew Ku is like his prior creation, the Buddha Park, in Laos. Be that as it may, Sala Kaew Ku is more extensive and a few statues achieve 25m into the sky. One statue delineates the ruminating Buddha in the engine of a seven headed Naga snake. The recreation center with pleasantly prepared greenery enclosures and a lake contains numerous more representations of the Naga snake alongside enlivened Hindu divine beings and smiling Buddhas.

Sala Kaew Ku Wheel of Life

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The recreation center is extraordinary in appreciation of the tremendous measurements of the models which are very customized under the aesthetic dream of Sulilat. The most broad arrangement of models depicts the karmic Wheel of Life as per Theravada Buddhism. The remainder of the models portrays a man intersection a fringe to develop as an illuminated Buddha from the opposite side.

The fundamental Sala-Mosque with the top floor lodging Sulilat's embalmed body and relics from his life. The bui Kaew Ku structure is a three storied building lying at the western side of the recreation center. It takes after a lding was worked by arrangements after he passed away in 1996.

Step by step instructions to Reach:

Sala Kaew Ku is anything but difficult to discover. It is close Nong Khai town in Thailand near the Thai-Lao outskirt and the Mekong River. It is open by bike, motorbikes, auto and tuk-tuks from the city. It is situated close southern side of Route 212 with clear signs indicating Statue Park Sala Kaew Ku.

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What happens if you die without having made a Will in Thailand

Legal MattersPosted by Joe Lynch -- Lanna Lawyers Wed, September 21, 2016 14:33:47

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